Wireless Networking

Site Surveys

We’ve seen a lot of facilities over the years, and we know that every site is unique. Our certified systems engineers will review your site and evaluate your existing systems, required access points, potential RF interference, and building configuration to determine the optimal network setup for your facility. We then provide you with a written report and a wireless coverage guarantee.

This report is the blueprint to your successful deployment. It details the number and placement of APs and antennas, identifies specific network requirements, and details wiring and electrical requirements.


Conducting hundreds of successful barcode, RFID, and wireless implementations has solidified RedLine Solutions’ reputation for reliable, accurate installations. Our team’s experiences with a variety of software and hardware brands enable us to deliver the best solution for your needs.

Using a detailed site survey report, we will install systems according to your specifications, and make suggestions to ensure best performance. After installation, we will run coverage and operational tests to ensure reliability, and will provide your team with full documentation to support your new system.


Installing hardware and software systems to your exact specifications is only the first part of your successful RedLine solution. Our team will configure your barcode, RFID, and wireless network products to ensure ongoing reliability, efficiency, and success. We’ll make sure that your wireless network has the right level of security for safe access. We’ll even set up your handheld devices to work optimally on your network. Our configuration team is always available to work with you as your product line, facilities, or other parts of your supply chain grow and change.