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RedLine Cooler

Track your inventory, the locations, movements and consolidation of pallets in real-time, ​and speed up your shipping!

RedLine Cooler™ is a software tool that is intuitive to use and help you manage inventory flow from receipt to shipping in your cooler, providing instant pallet location, a single inventory location for sales to use, error free, faster shipping and FIFO product rotation. From the moment products are received at your cooler until they are shipped to your customers, RedLine Cooler records and updates inventory information. The net result is fewer errors, improved inventory visibility, and more trucks shipped per day. 

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RedLine Cooler fully integrated with Famous software

RedLine Solutions is fully integrated to connect to the Famous Software grower accounting package enabling aditional benefits to anyone who operates the system. 

RedLine Cooler fully integrated with Compu-tech software

RedLine Solutions and Compu-Tech, Inc. have partnered to create RedLine Cooler CT, bringing RedLine Cooler's mobile power to companies using Compu-Tech's Pallet Ticket System.


  • Manages inventory and order fulfillment
  • Records all product movement and locations​
  • Tracks the consolidation or splitting of pallets and prints updated pallet tags
  • Captures and records any treatment processes
  • Records mobile truck inspection
  • Records pallet positions in the truck


  • Monitors worker productivity
  • Handles physical inventory counts with mobile devices
  • Intuitive, fool proof and fast user interface in English and Spanish


  • Validated order staging and shipping
  • Directs staff to location of required produce for order
  • Variety of graphical reports to provide business overview
  • Prints case and pallet labels

Real-Time Traceability

  • Records GTIN and lot ID at the case and pallet level ensuring PTI compliance
  • Generates hybrid pallet tags on demand
  • Trace forward to see which customer orders received specific lots
  • Tracks and records the location of every pallet or bin within your facility
  • Audit trail offers a complete history of pallet movement through the cooler, including who took what action where and when

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Savings Calculator

RedLine Cooler Savings Calculator

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Click here to view the industry's first web-based tool specifically designed to estimate cost savings associated with adding mobility to produce cooler management. This tool will help you identify opportunities to reduce costs by streamlining your cooler management process.