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News to have QuickBooks accounting integration is designed specifically for the produce industry, helping increase operational efficiencies, and staff productivity, in large and small grower-shippers. This web-based subscription software helps streamline processes from receipt to packing, and through shipping. It improves inventory visibility, stock rotation, shipping accuracy and even assures compliance with Walmart® and other customer labeling requirements. already offers manual sales order creation, among its comprehensive feature set, and the inclusion of Intuit QuickBooks™ integration will help automate order fulfillment for many of its users.

“ helps our grower-shipper and distribution customers, simplify labor-intensive tasks. By adding QuickBooks integration, we enable users to ship orders by scanning pallets or cases, while capturing critical traceability information. already incorporates key inventory, packing, and shipping functionality that were previously only available on RedLine’s higher end solutions. It is available at a low monthly cost, paying for itself from the very beginning” said Todd Baggett, CEO of Redline Solutions.

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Redline Cooler’s new paperless picking feature, boosts productivity of forklift drivers

Santa Clara, CA (June 13, 2017) – RedLine Solutions, the leader in produce traceability and inventory solutions, announced today that it has included a new paperless picking function in its popular RedLine Cooler warehouse management software for grower-shippers.

The new option, called “Dispatch Loader,” avoids the need for a forklift driver to go to the office and receive their next order to pick. Now, the office can assign, and push an order directly to a particular driver’s mobile computer, which the driver can accept when they are free. The system can also queue available orders, and notify all drivers that new orders are waiting. Any driver can then accept a new order, on their mobile computer, and start working without the need for a printed picklist, which increases their productivity.

“Dispatcher Loader” also allows multiple staff members to work on a single order. If the order is not completed for any reason, it can be returned to and finished later by another driver.

The driver can also configure the system to display a list of the most suitable product for each order, saving time and assuring optimum stock rotation. Once the driver scans the selected pallet, the system rechecks that that pallet matches the order requirement, which ensures shipment accuracy.

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RedLine CEO Named As Rock Star in Food Logistics

RedLine Solutions are pleased to announce that their CEO Todd Baggett, was selected as a recipient of the 2016 “Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain” award by the Fort Atkinson, WI based, Food Logistics publication.

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RedLine selection to Food Logistics FL100+ Software and Technology Providers

December 17, 2015 RedLine Solutions was selected for the Food Logistics FL100+ software and technology providers list. Food Logistics, the only publication dedicated exclusively to the global food and beverage supply chain, in December announced the twelfth annual FL100+ list, which appears in the November/December 2015 issue.

For more than a decade, the editors of Food Logistics have profiled software and technology providers that hold influential roles in the global food and beverage supply chain. Their products benefit the industry in multiple ways, from reducing food waste and extending shelf life, to facilitating safe and sanitary transportation of product while assuring regulatory compliance.

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Santa Clara, CA (October 24, 2015) – RedLine Solutions, the leader in produce traceability and inventory solutions, today introduced, a unique web-based inventory and traceability system that enables operational efficiencies, manages packing, streamlines shipping processes and provides inventory visibility, all with built-in traceability and instantaneous recall support. is designed to meet the needs of grower-shippers of any size as it requires no in-house IT resources, and is subscription based. enables forward and backward traceability, with real-time inventory control and visibility.

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RedLine Releases New Web Based Inventory and Compliance Solution

January 2015 RedLine Solutions released their new web-based inventory and compliance software, is a web-based inventory and compliance software that saves you money and simplifies your day. Designed for Grower-Shippers of any size, it allows you to operate your business more efficiently so you control it rather than it controlling you. Go to website.

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