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RedLine Solutions prides itself in satisfying each of its customers' needs. Below are some stories from our customers. These are not only great application stories, they also explain how RedLine has helped these clients to successfully implement new business solutions in a highly collaborative and supportive manner. 

 Del Monaco Foods  Deardorff Family Farms  Gilbert Orchards
 Ippolito Fruit & Produce Ltd.  Kershaw Fruit  Royal Ridge Fruits



When Orchard View Needed To Ship A Bumper Harvest, RedLine’s Cooler Software Delivered 

Orchard View had a computer system that did not always match the real inventory, and when it came to physically locating and managing the movement of pallets, they relied on manual systems. These systems were inaccurate and inefficient, adding time to the picking and shipping processes. Orchard View needed a better approach and selected RedLine Cooler!

“If you want to manage your pallets through cold storage, and ship more efficiently, then RedLine Cooler is the system to use,” said David Ortega the Director of Packing Operations at Orchard View Inc.

In 2016, due to weather and growing conditions, Orchard View saw a 300% increase in cherry tonnage versus the prior year. Even with this significant increase, with the RedLine Cooler system, Orchard View managed the handling, storage, and shipping without the need for extra staff.

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RedLine Solutions Help GA Foods Better Serve Their Customers

GA Foods wanted a cutting edge system that provided more informative data in real time, and was fully integrated across their organization. GA Foods team first looked at several alternative vendors, but quickly came to the conclusion that RedLine Solutions was the most suitable candidate.

“We are now able to manage devices across the operation, accessing real-time data from multiple sites,” said Beth Ann Valavanis, the CFO

The new system provides GA Foods with a more granular picture of their daily operations, enabling them to access more detailed answers to their business questions, and supporting more informed decision-making.

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Nash Manages Customer PTI Labeling Needs More Effectively With

 Nash has seen significant growth in its value-added business, but this process was becoming ever more complex. Their customers needed multiple packaging formats and each required different PTI label designs for every pack style. Some require RPC’s, which also need to be uniquely labeled. Nash also processes multiple pack-out runs under a single grower, and need to maintain pack lot integrity throughout this process. it was clear to Nash‘s staff that they needed a way to streamline and simplify their value-added packaging and labeling needs, so they turned to RedLine Solutions for help.

“ allows us to keep up with our customers, expanding requirements, and provides us a huge boost to our capabilities,” said Laura Kornegay Hearn the Marketing & Business Development Director at Nash Produce provides Nash full visibility of all their pack out activity from any location, assures the integrity of the pack-lot throughout the value-added packaging process, and much more.

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RedLine Cooler™ Supports Turnkey Expansion At Sundale’s New Facility

Their production volume was steadily growing, as were their pack style varieties. Sundale needed a more effective way of managing their inventory. They used Famous Software for their receiving and shipping needs, so required a solution that would integrate seamlessly with that. Sundale also wanted a better way to manage their stock rotation, minimize their wastage, and avoid any handling errors.

“We added a new facility, which increased our capacity by 40% and getting it running was turnkey. There was no way I could have managed both facilities without RedLine,” said Mike Tamouzian the Facility Manager at Sundale Vineyards

Sundale now ships four million boxes a year, and have daily pack-out changes. RedLine Cooler makes sure their team are efficient and assures they do not make mistakes.

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Exp Group LLC. increases inventory traceability using RedLine Cooler

Planning significant long-term growth, they were looking at ways to develop higher levels of operational efficiencies that supported their goals. At this time, they were using manual systems to track and manage the movement of their inventory, which left them with several managerial challenges including constantly second guessing the volumes that they had on hand. Managing thousands of containers of produce a year, they needed a way to achieve better inventory visibility without necessarily increasing their head count. 

“We needed a solution that would take our business to the next level,” said Anthony Serafino, “Redline gave us the best possible avenue to grow, and that is why we chose them.”

The Exp. Group team did a lot of research to assess potential system providers. The VP of Public Relations for Exp. LLC, Anthony Serafino said, ”We were not only looking for the right solution, but we also wanted to work with an organization that supported us well, and that we could grow with over time.”

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RedLine Cooler™ Enables 100% Inventory Accuracy at Royal Ridge Fruits

With 18 million pounds of storage in the freezer, and more outside in the dried storage goods area, Royal Ridge Fruits needed a system that could integrate with their current software, and address its short comings. RedLine Cooler helped them address their inventory accuracy challenges and achieve 100% accuracy going forward. The system also enabled them to achieve real-time visibility of their stock locations and be able to assess their forklift driver productivity.

“Not only can we manage the efficiencies of the forklift drivers, but we can now track pallets on a live basis.”

RedLine Cooler installation enabled functionality that completely avoids the need to manually adjust the inventory. An added benefit of the system is that it enables the Royal Ridge team to manage pallet consolidation via the mobile computers (‘guns’), assuring accuracy, no matter what is required. When the system was implemented, RedLine’s software recognized inventory challenges during the scanning of pallet labels and providing their staff with an opportunity to raise any issues with their supervisor, so problems could be addressed, prior to movement of the pallet. 

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Del Monaco Foods Achieve Real-Time Updates of Their Stock Movements with RedLine Solutions

Ryan Britt, the Warehouse Manager at Del Monaco Foods, explained, “Our objectives were to achieve 100% inventory accuracy, performance counts and stock changes, through real-time inventory transactions across the operation.” He continued, “We recognized the benefits of mobile scanning technology, but needed a solution that would operate reliably in our environment and be user friendly enough for our operators.” Del Monaco tested multiple units, and worked with several vendors before making their purchase decision. All short listed equipment potentials were placed in the hands of Del Monaco’s workers in order to get real-world feedback, before moving the project forward. 

Achieve 100% inventory accuracy, performance counts and stock changes, through real-time inventory transactions across the operation!

“Del Monaco selected RedLine Solutions as our vendor of choice because of RedLine’s consistent level of interaction and engagement throughout the sales process, their service, and their close proximity to our facility,” said Ryan. Mona Heffernan the Chief Financial Officer at Del Monaco added “You can buy the hardware from multiple vendors, but if you don’t have the service behind it you will not fully realize the value of your investment”. “We really appreciate the level of support that RedLine provides, even after the purchase is behind us”, she concluded.

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Kershaw Fruit Revs Up Efficiency with New RedLine Cooler™ App

Before Kershaw implemented RedLine Cooler they always knew what they had on site because it was noted in the inventory – but physically finding specific the pallets was a challenge. “There were times we might spend 30 minutes or more, with multiple forklift drivers all looking for the product,” Eric Skiles the IT Manager at Kershaw commented. The net result? The lack of efficient selection of product caused delays in getting the current trucks loaded and on the road. This created a domino effect, delaying all the trucks for the rest of the day.

“We now have the confidence that our drivers are getting the right pallets at the right time,”

“We are very pleased with RedLine Cooler. Within two months’ time, we accomplished our goals. Our product rotation has improved; we’re more efficient in our cooler operations; and we’re able to get trucks loaded and on the road faster. As added bonuses, our office staff can focus on more important tasks, and we reduced our labor costs, “ Skiles concluded.

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Gilbert Orchards Improves Inventory Accuracy & Workforce Efficiency with RedLine Cooler

Sean Gilbert Warehouse Manager at Gilbert Orchards had over 3700 SKUs required by our customers in a year, that combined with increased volume, was getting overwhelmed from the increasing complexity. They selected RedLine Cooler as the solutions of choice and since implementation, Gilbert Orchards has seen rapid improvement in inventory accuracy, reduction in order staging time, and increased worker productivity.

Error free shipments!

"We’ve greatly improved the warehouse’s ability to get orders out error-free”, said Jorge Borunda their Project Manager. The time to retrieve a pallet has come down from 10 minutes to 2-3 minutes because of better warehouse visibility and a dramatic increase in picking efficiency. "This was the smoothest software project we’ve ever completed. We started out with clear dates and objectives that were all met”, stated Sean Gilbert Warehouse Manager at Gilbert Orchards.

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Deardorff Farms Experiences Remarkable Cost Savings with RedLine Solutions

When Deardorff Family Farms moved to their new, larger, state-of-the art facility in Oxnard, CA they quickly increased storage space, product through-put and doubled their shipping volume, which meant their  which meant their paperbased, pick-ticket system was no longer viable. They selected RedLine Sol;utions as the vendor of choice. “Fulfilling orders with handheld devices instead of pick tickets created invaluable operational efficiencies”, said Scott Deardorff, Vice President, Deardorff Farms. “Not only did it cut down on paper work but increased accuracy for loading essentially eliminating misloads.”

Created invaluable operational efficiencies!

“RedLine Cooler has given us the ability to track and measure employee performance and allocation of resources,” said Deardorff. “We now operate at a whole new level of efficiency that saves time and money.”

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Ippolito Fruit & Produce Ltd. Streamlines Cooler Shipping and Inventory Operations

Managing rapidly moving produce and packaging inventory for packing and cooling operations is challenging. Manual processes are labor intensive and leave room for mistakes. Ippolito Fruit & Produce needed a way to more effectively validate order fulfillment and streamline time-consuming manual inventory counts and reconciliations. Ippolito selected RedLine as the solution of choice. 

Accurate inventory and not had a single mis-shipment!

IT Project Manager, Ed Pogoda said , “RedLine Cooler has eliminated the monthly physical count because inventory is much more accurate. We are now able to just do spot checks a few times a week.” “We have not had a single mis-shipment of our product since we installed RedLine Cooler,” said Distribution Manager Ilidio Domingues. “The system does not allow you to ship the wrong product.”

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